Monthly Archive: July 2015

Jul 26


  When I lived in Bend, a friend of mine had planned to offer a course on Kabbalah. Having learned this mystic tradition at her grandmother’s knee, she was inspired to share it. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, she never did offer the class. I am not sure she is still in Oregon; she’d planned on …

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Jul 21

Hagerman and Buhl Idaho

We went on a day-trip to Hagerman and Buhl, Idaho to check out the sights and the sites!   It was suggested by one of my advisors that the Hagerman/Bhul area would be a great location for a spiritual retreat center and eco-community because of the availability of geo-thermal power allowing for off-grid living.   …

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Jul 19

Alan Watts – Not Two

‘Wuji 無極 (literally ‘without ridgepole’) originally meant ‘ultimate; boundless; infinite’ in Warring States period (476-221 BCE) Taoist classics, but came to mean the ‘primordial universe’ prior to the Taiji 太極 “Supreme Ultimate” in Song Dynasty (960-1279 CE) Neo-Confucianist cosmology.” ‘ – Wikipedia Wuji (philosophy)   (The ridgepole is a symbol representing polarity, ends, opposites. ‘Without …

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Jul 12

Krishnamurti: Awareness and the Observer

I discovered Jiddu Krishnamurti and his teachings on what he calls The Pathless Path in May of 2006. One of his books was mentioned on a message board I used to frequent. I quickly acquired one of his books, and I was hooked. This was the first truly universal, non-dual teaching I’d ever encountered. Krishnamurti …

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Jul 05

Gaining independence from ego-self to Divine-Self

This is a marvelous short talk by Franciscan Fr Richard Rohr on making the change from outer focus to inner focus, from self to Self.   YouTube blurb: The Change that Changes Everything 13 minutes Published on Mar 25, 2012 Activist, author, and spiritual teacher Richard Rohr preached about “The Change That Changes Everything” on …

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