About Amazing Awakening Spiritual Eco-Community

This idea started with me in 2005. At that time, and as many people did in my immediate sphere of friends, I wanted to establish some sort of holistic wellness center. I had an opportunity or two that didn’t pan out, and as disappointing as that was at the time, it has all turned out perfectly and is good news in the end!


As time went by and the air became more and more unclean, the water became more and more polluted with not only toxins but eliminated pharmaceuticals, the soil became more leached of nutrients, and our food supply became more genetically modified and less nourishing, I personally feel that something needs to be done. Something that brings us as a society back to the experience of Community instead of a hodge-podge of micro-organisms suspicious of each other’s motives as we struggle individually for survival.


Our society as a whole has become too divided, too separate, and too isolated to have an effect on the current trend. There IS strength in numbers, but our numbers are scattered. Please read the blog post on Community v Segregation for more on that topic!


Amazing Awakening seeks to remedy this isolation. It is a spiritual based eco-community, as clean as possible, as off-the-grid as possible, as self-sustaining as possible, and as natural and organic as possible. It is a place where people will have the opportunity to strengthen their spiritual connection to the Divine, their mental/emotional connection to each other, and their physical connection to the environment that sustains life on our planet.


I hope you will join me and participate in this effort to reconnect with our roots, with each other, and with the Divine as together we experience an Amazing Awakening, creating a loving, nurturing, healthy, and happy environment for our children, grandchildren, and future generations.



Imagine The Possibilities

Burton Cummings and his band perform Share the Land LIVE from the Your Backyard Tour. Video by Lil Sarafian   This seems like a great inspirational song for an eco-community. 🙂       Food Production Possibilites & Adaptable Ideas For informational purposes only.   Aquaponics:   Aquaponics system: How to build a desktop aquaponics system …

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Links To Resources

A page of links to resources about intentional communities and sustainable-living.   Bradford Hatcher: Ecovillage and Intentional Community Design Part Two: Lexicon and Resource Links [14.1. On Screen] Part Two is a 100-page collection of links on a wide range of relevant subjects. http://www.hermetica.info/EcoLink.htm   Ely Brito’s Viver Simples in Brazil http://www.viversimples.com.br/index.php?pg=contato   Damanhur Spiritual …

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