Imagine The Possibilities

Burton Cummings and his band perform Share the Land LIVE from the Your Backyard Tour. Video by Lil Sarafian


This seems like a great inspirational song for an eco-community. 🙂




Food Production Possibilites & Adaptable Ideas

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Aquaponics system: How to build a desktop aquaponics system for indoor gardening. Aquaponics guide.



Backyard aquaponics as self-sustained farm in (sub)urban LA




Backyard aquaponics: DIY system to farm fish with vegetables



Internet of Farming: Arduino-based, backyard aquaponics







DIY Hydroponic Garden Tower – The ULTIMATE hydroponic system growing over 100 plants in 10 sq feet



Soil Gardening


Small Space Permaculture Food Forest Garden on 1/4 Acre Home Lot


 Power – Wind


One usually thinks of solar power for off-grid living, but this looks really interesting!


The most efficient wind turbine

By J. Angelo Racoma on June 7, 2014 12:38 pm


The Archimedes is a new windmill design meant to power small homes and apartments. With an 80 percent efficiency ratio, will this solve the world’s energy problems?


“According to the creators, the device is designed to provide enough electricity to power an apartment or small home. “The Liam F1 generates an average of 1,500 kilowatt-hours of energy [per year] at a wind-speed of 5 m/s [16.4 ft/s], which resembles half of the power consumption of a common household.” The Liam can even adjust to wind direction, which enables it to maximize power generation even with changing conditions.


“The Liam is priced at Eur 3,999 or about US$ 5,450 and will start retailing by July 1st. The Archimedes says it has sold 7,000 units in 14 countries so far. The company says it has undertaken field tests for efficiency and power generation “over 50 times,” in which it has achieved its rated output and efficiency.”