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Spiritual Counseling for relief of:
Confusion / Longing

Spiritual Coaching for guidance in:
Tuning in to Inner Wisdom
Receiving Divine Inspiration
Tapping in to your Inner Strength
Stepping forward and Taking Action


I have studied and practiced many spiritual traditions over the last thirty years. At this point in time, my personal practices include A Course In Miracles and Bhakti Yoga. As a non-denominational minister, I honor and can serve people of all religions.  


In my years (decades!) of study, I discovered that all traditions have a common core of three steps to inner peace:



Unconditional Love 


While the steps are simple, they are not always easy. However, once inner peace is achieved, you are able to release fear, anger, sadness, or confusion.  


Spiritual Counseling


Personal growth can actually be stifled when you try to do it personally, alone! When you focus on negative or shadow issues, you anticipate that growth will be painful and your ego hides them to protect you and avoid the pain.


Divine Inspiration gave me a process that promises to help you let go, transform, and grow. I call it the Three R’s for Spiritual Growth: 

Release – let go of old patterns.

Recalibrate – choose who you want to be.

Rejuvenate – take right actions to manifest the new you.


Once we break through the beliefs or ideas that hold you back, we can take positive steps to transform negative emotions and beliefs, and set you on course toward the peace and prosperity you deserve.



Spiritual Coaching


To live a divinely inspired life, there are two things you need to do: Show Up and Say Yes! 


If you experience discontent, lack of direction or purpose, I can show you how to access these four major areas of awakening and guide you to your divinely inspired life.  


Inner Wisdom 

Divine Inspiration

Inner Strength

Taking Action


Let me help you today.


Skype and phone sessions are available, as well as in-person at my Boise, ID office.


$100 session.


Call 541.508.0184 or email today for a free 30-minute consultation.