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Sep 26

Forgiveness: The ultimate adrenaline inhibitor

Forgiveness is one of the primary teachings of A Course In Miracles. Dr Fred Luskin, PhD is one of the best I’ve heard talking about forgiveness from a secular point of view. He will tell you why he chose the secular focus instead of spiritual when it comes to forgiveness, and thoroughly and comprehensively explains …

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Sep 06

Marianne Williamson on A Course In Miracles

I’ve had three people call in the past few weeks asking about the A Course In Miracles study group, so while I am undecided about the group meeting, it seemed to be a nudge to bring you a Satsang on it at any rate.   In this video, Marianne talks on the non-duality teaching of …

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Jul 31

July 31 Added Counseling and Community Pages

Today I added pages to the website for the spiritual counseling and coaching, and for the community events such as A Course in Miracles Discussion/Study Group meetings, subscription to the newsletter, and a place to display classes and the calendar.    I may very well transfer some of my personal services to Amazing Awakening since …

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Apr 18

April 18 A paralegal at ACIM

At tonight’s ACIM meeting, I was talking about all the things I’d found this week, and the nonprofit info, too, and Jim had some suggestions as he knows a bit about 503(1) c. It turns out that Lisa, his woman friend who’s been coming to meetings too, is a paralegal and she agreed to do some …

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