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Jul 21

Hagerman and Buhl Idaho

We went on a day-trip to Hagerman and Buhl, Idaho to check out the sights and the sites!   It was suggested by one of my advisors that the Hagerman/Bhul area would be a great location for a spiritual retreat center and eco-community because of the availability of geo-thermal power allowing for off-grid living.   …

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Jul 12

Krishnamurti: Awareness and the Observer

I discovered Jiddu Krishnamurti and his teachings on what he calls The Pathless Path in May of 2006. One of his books was mentioned on a message board I used to frequent. I quickly acquired one of his books, and I was hooked. This was the first truly universal, non-dual teaching I’d ever encountered. Krishnamurti …

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Jul 05

Gaining independence from ego-self to Divine-Self

This is a marvelous short talk by Franciscan Fr Richard Rohr on making the change from outer focus to inner focus, from self to Self.   YouTube blurb: The Change that Changes Everything 13 minutes Published on Mar 25, 2012 Activist, author, and spiritual teacher Richard Rohr preached about “The Change That Changes Everything” on …

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Jun 28

Rumi, Coleman, and Bill!

  This week’s Satsang video is a very special treasure featuring three of my favorite people: Rumi, Coleman Barks, and Bill Moyers. Every spiritual tradition has its mystics, and Rumi is certainly one of the most well-known, not only for his poetry but for founding the Whirling Dervishes. The video is an interview with Bill …

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Jul 31

July 31 Added Counseling and Community Pages

Today I added pages to the website for the spiritual counseling and coaching, and for the community events such as A Course in Miracles Discussion/Study Group meetings, subscription to the newsletter, and a place to display classes and the calendar.    I may very well transfer some of my personal services to Amazing Awakening since …

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Jul 08

July 8 Attorney & Visited Property

Wow! Well, what a day! A friend and I took off early this morning to visit some property north of Boise, and at the same time, I received an email from the attorney!   Attorney first: The fees are extremely reasonable, so I’ll be moving forward post-haste with the non-profit incorporation. I’m not sure when …

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Apr 29

April 29 Video inspiration

A song title popped into my head this morning – an oldie from 1970 called “Share the Land.” It was performed back then by a Canadian band called The Guess Who. It’s still being sung by Burton Cummings, the man who wrote it, and seems like a great inspirational song for an eco-community! Give a …

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Apr 24

April 24 Added the Imagine The Possibilities page

One of the greatest challenges (I imagine) that a self-sustaining community faces is food production.  There are many possibilities that can be employed that increase the yield above and beyond the standard soil-planting that takes up quite a bit of space as it’s done in a typical garden site.  The best use of space and …

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