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Jul 21

Hagerman and Buhl Idaho

We went on a day-trip to Hagerman and Buhl, Idaho to check out the sights and the sites!   It was suggested by one of my advisors that the Hagerman/Bhul area would be a great location for a spiritual retreat center and eco-community because of the availability of geo-thermal power allowing for off-grid living.   …

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May 27

May 27 Met with the attorney

This has been an awesome day all the way around, and it’s only 4:15 pm!    I met with the attorney this afternoon and we talked for about 30 minutes. He wanted to get real clear on what it is I am creating here, and is very willing to look into the 508(c)(1)(a) for me, …

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Apr 24

April 24 Added the Imagine The Possibilities page

One of the greatest challenges (I imagine) that a self-sustaining community faces is food production.  There are many possibilities that can be employed that increase the yield above and beyond the standard soil-planting that takes up quite a bit of space as it’s done in a typical garden site.  The best use of space and …

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