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Oct 04

What do Raja, Karma, Jnana, Bhakti, Mantra, and Hatha all have in common?

The owner of a yoga studio recently asked if I practice yoga. I said that ‘I do, I hold Nada Yoga practices at my home every week, and attend Bhakti as often as possible.’ He looked…..confused…..and said something like, ‘No, I mean YOGA, you know….stretching.’ I said, ‘Oh, and I practiced Karma Yoga at a …

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Sep 27

Sri Ramakrishna and the Great Disciples

  Today is supposed to be a somewhat amazing day along with the eclipse this evening. All sorts of energetic and enlightening things are purported to be happening not the least of which a day of spiritual ascension has been forecast. The best time to view the eclipse at its max will be 8:47 PM …

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Sep 20

Taoist Master Yun Xiang Tseng on Taoism: Returning to your true nature

I discovered Daoism in 1991 and have been a faithful Daoist ever since, practicing everything from Feng Shui to Chinese Astrology to Qigong, and writing many “Illuminating The Dao” columns on the Dao De Jing as well as reviewing books on Daoism for the Yang Sheng Magazine. Http://   In The Way, all the …

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Sep 13

Hameed Ali on Consciousness, Entanglement and Life

I personally have not heard of this teacher before, but am certainly going to check out his material. He seems very much in alignment with Reality and Truth.   On a slightly quirky and humorous note, I like the title of his You Tube channel: ॐ = mc2   “In this interview Hameed Ali (A. …

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Sep 06

Marianne Williamson on A Course In Miracles

I’ve had three people call in the past few weeks asking about the A Course In Miracles study group, so while I am undecided about the group meeting, it seemed to be a nudge to bring you a Satsang on it at any rate.   In this video, Marianne talks on the non-duality teaching of …

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Aug 30

All-Knowing Silence

Connecting with that deep, inner silence and inner peace is connecting with the Divine Universe. It is the experience of the Mystic, going from learning and studying to BE-ing. Personally, my most profound experiences of Silence have been during the practice of Zhan Zhuang (Standing Tree) Qigong, or they followed sessions of chanting (which is …

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Aug 23

Ho’oponopono – From Forgiveness to Divinity

This is an older interview with Dr Hew Len, the man who (with Joe Vitale) popularized the forgiveness practice with Hawaiian roots called Ho’oponopono. I like this quote from his website. It corresponds so perfectly with so many other traditions and teachings, including A Course In Miracles, that basically asserts our purpose in life is …

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Aug 16

A Sufi, a Monk, and a Rabbi

No, A Sufi, A Monk, and A Rabbi is not the opening line of a joke, it’s a great discussion with three wise people from different spiritual traditions!   I debated on sharing this one only because of the length. In the end, the speakers won. I love that a Rabbi, a Priest, and a …

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