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Aug 16

August 15 Achieved non-profit status

I’ve been a bit lax on posting updates here, just busy arranging for space for the ACIM meetings and the Amazing Awakening class. Check out the Community Building page on the site for more info.  … Meanwhile, today I received this email from Chris Sherman, the attorney who’s been handling the filing of the non-profit …

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Jul 31

July 31 Added Counseling and Community Pages

Today I added pages to the website for the spiritual counseling and coaching, and for the community events such as A Course in Miracles Discussion/Study Group meetings, subscription to the newsletter, and a place to display classes and the calendar.    I may very well transfer some of my personal services to Amazing Awakening since …

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Jul 08

July 8 Attorney & Visited Property

Wow! Well, what a day! A friend and I took off early this morning to visit some property north of Boise, and at the same time, I received an email from the attorney!   Attorney first: The fees are extremely reasonable, so I’ll be moving forward post-haste with the non-profit incorporation. I’m not sure when …

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Jun 26

June 26 Moving forward with a non-profit

I met with my non-profit attorney today and we are moving forward, taking baby steps which is just fine with me. He is going to draft an incorporation document, and we will file as a State of Idaho non-profit….we’ll probably file on July 7 because of the holiday next week. We decided to start as …

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Jun 07

June 7 Mastermind Group and Property

Last weekend, I went to a Dream Builders LIVE program in Los Angeles. It was put on by inspirational coach Mary Morressey. I went with the intention of connecting with the right people to form a Master Mind Group (as defined by Napoleon Hill in his book). I am happy to say I had an …

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May 27

May 27 Met with the attorney

This has been an awesome day all the way around, and it’s only 4:15 pm!    I met with the attorney this afternoon and we talked for about 30 minutes. He wanted to get real clear on what it is I am creating here, and is very willing to look into the 508(c)(1)(a) for me, …

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May 21

May 21 An attorney

If, for the fun of it, you want to check and see if intuition is working for you, DON’T listed to it and see what happens!   I told about the marvelous non-profit evening at the library on April 17 and how the lady attorney suggested two law offices I could contact since she was …

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May 09

May 9 Non-profits and Earthships

Well, my meeting with the paralegal regarding setting up the non-profit didn’t happen. I was at Starbucks and enjoyed a chai tea, but she never arrived. I don’t know what happened….and I hope she is OK; she has not responded to the email message I sent. Meanwhile, I met with a friend yesterday who told …

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