Sep 13

Hameed Ali on Consciousness, Entanglement and Life

I personally have not heard of this teacher before, but am certainly going to check out his material. He seems very much in alignment with Reality and Truth.


On a slightly quirky and humorous note, I like the title of his You Tube channel: ॐ = mc2


“In this interview Hameed Ali (A. H. Almaas) discusses what the quantum phenomena of entanglement is pointing to in terms of spiritual path and intimate relationships. He presents in brief the theme of the upcoming Science and Nonduality Conference 2014 ‘Consciousness, Entanglement and Life.’” (This conference took place in San Jose, CA in October of 2014.)


“Hameed Ali (A. H. Almaas), was born in the Middle East, but at age 18 he moved to the USA to study at the University of California in Berkeley. Hameed was working on his Ph.D. in physics, where he was studying Einsteirn’s theory of general relativity and nuclear physics, when he reached a turning point in his life and destiny that led him more and more into inquiring into the psychological and spiritual aspects of human nature.” Quoted from another video page: Perception And Reality – Hameed Ali (A. H. Almaas) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FgGZ1xBAQw


Consciousness, Entanglement and Life – Hameed Ali (A.H. Almaas) 6:22

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